Friday, February 26, 2010

How I cured my blepharitis in a week

I want to share with you how I cured my blepharitis.

I’m not going to BS you with fancy sales talk. I just want to tell you what worked for me, and you be the judge. If you think this product will work for you then get it, and if you don’t then don’t. No pressure. If someone found a cure to your blepharitis, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

My Doctors said that there is no cure for blepharitis. I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.

Imagine living for the rest of your life with eyes that felt like there was sand in it. You had ulcers on the outside of your eyelids and everybody you meet makes eye contact for the wrong reasons. Would you want to live like that?

I spent over R3000 ($375) on medicine for my eyes. It didn’t help, they started getting worse. Then my doctor said he was going to give me cortisone. Cortisone in my eyes, was he $%#@ mad.

I searched the Internet and couldn't’t find any solutions. I studied blepharitis and spoke to people about this dis-ease and no one could help me improve my irritated eyes. Everything I read said blepharitis can be managed, but not cured.

I had my blood checked and all the numbers were fine. I could give you all the information (or should I rather say guesses) about what blepharitis is, but lets rather just do something to solve it.

After all my research I created a solution. Within one week I started to see and feel the difference. After a month the ulcers were all gone. It is now two and a half years that I am free of blepharitis. My eyes feel great, no more pain or irritation.

The solution is a bar of soap. The ingredients are more gentle than any other soap on the market. It helped me and I know if you follow the same process you can also get the same results. All you have to do is wash your eyelids twice a day. No more painful scraping of eyelids, only washing them. That is it. This bar of soap can also help bring relief to eczema and skin irritation. Buy the soap, it is only $11 and postage is included. If it doesn’t work for you, what will you loose only $11? If it does work then I’m glad I could help, and you have relief and your eyes back.

Go to the bottom of this post and buy it from the secure payment site Monsterpay. Once I receive your payment then I will send you the soap. I will email you confirmation of the postage ASAP. I will never spam you or share your email address with anybody.

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